Samuel Vierny


I am an ambitious and creative Classics graduate and IT professional with experience in web and software development, project management, stakeholder management in the social impact sector. I am keen to contribute my experience to the production and implementation of innovative projects with cutting edge technological solutions. Passionate about bringing new media for expression and creativity through technology and innovation methods.

Web Development

My interest in IT development began in early 2019 with HTML, CSS and Javacript. Since then, I have been focused on maintaining the website and mastering the language Javacript. I also began working with frameworks, such as React, and integrated python into my work and projects.

Programming x Music

The endless prospects and possibilities for creative divergence between Music and Programming encapsulate my interest in a nutshell. Exploration of JUCE software for VST creation, programming in Max for Live, Python frameworks like music21.

Music Production

Composed and coproduced a variety of music. Specialise prodominantly in rhythmic and atmospheric down tempo electronica. Published music under 3 separate aliases - Enkidu, Apridot and VRNY. If interested check out the tracks / playlists below.


Curated playlists: